Running plea to Bridport council


LOCAL running and exercise coaches are calling on Bridport Town Council to offer more for fitness enthusiasts and to not forget runners in future plans of recreation areas.

Brian Shelley, chairman of Bridport Runners, and James Stone of events management company Beyond Events spoke to councillors at a recent town council meeting, highlighting possible uses of the town’s open areas.

Mr Stone said: “I think it could be a really good opportunity for Bridport as a town to encourage people from out of town to come and use something like a trim trail.

“I know there is mention of the metal exercise equipment that is already down by the football club, unfortunately, in my opinion those are not the way forward.

“When people exercise, the biggest thing they lack is knowledge, all we need to do is create a trail that we have already got, using the Sustrans track by the Co-op or through St Mary’s playing fields, or through lots of other areas around Bridport where the track is already in place.

“All you need to do is put some very basic equipment along that track but sign it in a way where people can run along, look at the sign and know what exercise they should then be doing.

“We have got the knowledge in Bridport, we have the people that can give you the knowledge and the expertise to get it so it is good for the whole of the area and I think people will come to Bridport to use it if done correctly.”

Mr Shelley also asked councillors if some thought could be given to runners in any upcoming plans to develop Bridport’s recreation areas.

He said: “I don’t want you as councillors to forget in any plans you do or future planning of recreation areas to forget runners. It would be brilliant to have some thought given to sports like running.

“It is really a plea to you when you are looking at future planning, to think about runners, cyclists as well as more traditional sports like football.

“One simple thing we would really like at the moment is a simple circle around St Mary’s playing field.”

Bridport & Beaminster Reporter| Lottie is currently studying for an NCTJ Diploma in Journalism through a distance learning course and joined the paper in April 2014 on a freelance basis, becoming a staff reporter in January 2015. She is now the reporter for the View From Bridport and View From Beaminster papers.