Rare Little Bunting spotted at Trinity Hill


A RARELY seen Little Bunting bird has been spotted at Trinity Hill Local Nature Reserve.

The local heathland is managed by East Devon District Council, and a spokesperson said: “Little Buntings are rarely seen in the UK; they breed in the far North East of Europe and across Northern Asia, typically spending winter in Southern Asia, China and India.

“Easterly winds, which dominated autumn 2016, resulted in only a few being detected in the UK. The Little Bunting was seen at Trinity Hill by birdwatcher Steve Waite, who managed to take some photographs.”

Mr Waite said: “Each autumn small numbers of Little Bunting are seen in the UK, most often in the Northern Isles and along the East coast. It is thought there are about eight in the UK at the moment, with three together in Cornwall and one at Trinity Hill.

“I was really pleased to see the bird and other birdwatchers have now come to take a look at this potentially once-in-a-lifetime spot.”

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