Love trumps Hate umbrella march in Bridport


ON MONDAY, February 20th across the country people are coming together in a co-ordinated nationwide protest to stand up for unity, diversity and equal rights for all – with Bridport also taking a stand.

Walk Together Bridport, a group of volunteers speaking for cultural diversity, unity and change, is hosting a Love Trumps Hate umbrella walk throughout the town with placards and banners at 6pm from Bucky Doo Square.

The group said: “Donald Trump has become a figurehead for racism and division, but he does not speak for us.

“We are a welcoming, inclusive community and we reject all that he stands for.

“With a barrage of colour and diversity, umbrellas, lights, placards and banners, our voices locally will be part of a huge nationwide movement.”

Group member Megan Edwards said: “We want to give our town and surrounding areas a chance to join in and stand up for diversity and equal rights as part of this nationwide event.

“Despite the rising uncertainty in the world at the moment, there is a huge wave of activism taking place.

“People are standing up for what they believe in more than ever and it is really exciting to be part of it.”

The use of umbrellas represents shelter, hospitality and the acceptance of people from all nations and walks of life.

Group member John Butler said: “The election of Donald Trump is the latest of several events increasing the volume of prejudiced speech, dehumanising certain groups of people.

“Those voices may have become louder but by no means represent us all. We want our voices to be heard.

“The diversity of cultures in our society is a wonderful thing.”

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Bridport & Beaminster Reporter| Lottie is currently studying for an NCTJ Diploma in Journalism through a distance learning course and joined the paper in April 2014 on a freelance basis, becoming a staff reporter in January 2015. She is now the reporter for the View From Bridport and View From Beaminster papers.