Hospital to roll out new state-of-the-art mattresses

    STAFF from around the hospital receive an introduction to the Clinicare 100HF hybrid mattress from Jeannette Brown, Linet UK Ltd

    DORSET County Hospital inpatients are now benefitting from new state-of-the-art mattresses.

    The “hybrid” mattresses have been tested out for over three months and, following positive feedback from patients and staff, are now being rolled out to wards across the hospital.

    The mattresses, which are being introduced as part of the hospital’s rolling mattress replacement programme, will replace the current static foam mattresses and have dynamic cells which provide alternating pressure therapy, a microclimate layer and a memory foam overlay.

    As well as providing increased comfort for patients, the mattresses also form part of a package of pressure relieving aids which are used in the treatment and prevention of conditions such as pressure ulcers.

    Frank Williams, Head of Medical Engineering at DCH said: “These mattresses will improve the quality of care to our patients and the hospital is proud to be able to offer patients this innovation in care.

    “We have now completed the first phase of implementation of our new hybrid mattresses and 105 have been installed into wards in North Wing.”