Flamenco goes Incognito in Bridport

    Ester Tal Incognito Flamenco
    Ester Tal, Incognito Flamenco

    INCOGNITO is a new production from international flamenco company, Mi Flamenco. Touring at various venues in the UK this Autumn, Incognito is a show, not to be missed. It contains all the spirit of authentic, pulsating flamenco, intertwined with the unexpected. Exciting, moving flamenco dance, powerful song, virtuoso guitar and cello; with lots of charm, imagination and theatre thrown in.

    The company, produced & directed by husband and wife team – Ester and Uri Tal – (lead female dancer and guitarist), bring with them other artists of the highest calibre to audiences throughout the UK.

    Ester Tal is Dorset born, but was drawn to Spain by her love of everything Spanish, combined with her desire to dance flamenco. She has danced from an early age, inspired by a mother who loved dancing. Flamenco, however, came later. Attracted by the Bohemian gypsy culture, the drama of flamenco and the spirited women in particular, who dance it, she moved to Madrid in 1993, where she met her guitarist husband, Uri Tal. She studied in the world-famous flamenco academy, Amor de Dios, for 7 years and then the couple went down to Jerez in Andalusia, to live, work and study flamenco with the flamenco gypsies. They lived and breathed flamenco for a further 7 years in Jerez, before basing themselves here in the UK, with a mission to bring powerful, authentic flamenco to audiences here.

    What is it that attracts a British woman to want to dedicate her professional life to flamenco? Ester explains: “Flamenco has a spirit that is unique. I have always wanted to express myself through dance, but never really fitted into the English dance academy world. The technique and discipline of flamenco dance is tough, but the range of emotion and strength of flamenco dance and the individuality of expression it allows, is addictive. Mi Flamenco is my flamenco family and I feel proud and privileged to be a part of it.”

    Mi Flamenco (literally My Flamenco), have, at their heart, the gypsy singing from Jerez – the birthplace of flamenco singing. Their powerhouse of a singer, the characterful Luis El Mono, is “Jerez” through and through.

    Their lead male dancer, Kelian Jimenez is from one of the most renowned gypsy neighbourhoods in Madrid. He never disappoints. One review, saying that Kelian Jimenez “almost burst into flames during a stunning solo” (Matthew Jenkin News shopper Review) is no exaggeration.

    Joining them on this tour is the amazing cellist, Nick Squires, who adds his own particular grace and beauty to Mi Flamenco’s new production.

    Incognito promises to delight theatre-lovers, and music and dance fans, as well as die-hard flamenco aficionados. The tour is aimed at small audiences for maximum impact and intends to entertain them with beauty, grace, power and the unexpected.

    Don’t miss Mi Flamenco with Incognito at Bridport Arts Centre on Saturday, October 7th. Tickets are £15 and £13, and are available from the box office by calling 01308 424204 or online.

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