Dorchester moves it with the best of them

    SOME of the movers at Dorchester’s 1610 leaisure centre who took part in the Lets Move For a Better World campaign

    DORCHESTER Sports Centre has topped a region challenge for the most “moves”.

    Dorchester Sports Centre (1,856,444) and Trinity Sports & Leisure in Bridgwater (1,618,692) were the best performing 1610 sports centres in terms of moves logging up – placing them sixth and eighth in the UK centre rankings.

    The challenge was undertaken by regular gym users with additional moves logged up by visits from school children, to the residents of care homes. 1610, which manages 19 leisure centres across the South West, inspired local communities and members at its centres to take part in the Technogym Lets Move For a Better World campaign which is aimed at fighting rising inactivity and obesity levels.

    Overall 1610 customers at its centres in Somerset, Devon, and Dorset, ran, cycled and worked out to log up a total of more than six million moves for the global campaign which included 18 countries worldwide.

    A total of 2,337 people took part in the challenge including 500 pupils from a range of primary schools across the South West which helped 1610 achieve two million more moves than it did in the 2016 “Lets Move For a Better World” campaign.

    Paul Stimpson who helped organise the campaign says that it has been a worthwhile community event.

    He said: “We were delighted with the response and we would like to thank all those who took part in the challenge to help us to improve on previous campaigns and achieve our six million moves.

    “Our staff worked very hard to motivate members and local communities and 40 per cent of 1610 members who we surveyed about the campaign felt that it had a real impact on them and that they were more active during the campaign, walking to work and the gym and were more motivated to reach their fitness goals.

    “We can see that the campaign led to an increase in turn out at our centres and that it encouraged lasting fitness benefits for those who took part.”