Court closes Axminster flat after anti-social behaviour


A FLAT in Axminster town centre has been closed by police after repeated problems including underage drinking, drugs and anti-social behaviour.

Magistrates granted a three-month closure order for 2 Milton Mews after the court was satisfied that the tenant, 56-year-old John Cambridge, had caused nuisance to members of the public and anti-social behaviour.

It is believed the closure order is the first of its kind in the area.

PC Simon Aldred, speaking on behalf of the Axminster Neighbourhood Team, said: “It is good news that this flat, which has caused local residents misery and grief due to anti-social behaviour, drink and drug issues, has been closed by the courts.

“The order also takes into account the anti-social behaviour of guests and visitors to the flat.

“This is our first successful closure order of its kind in Axminster, and it sends out a clear message that we will not tolerate anti-social behaviour in the area.

“We would like to thank the local residents who have shown great courage in coming forward to give evidence, and who were willing to work with us on this matter.

“We pride ourselves on how we work with our local community, and this is one example of the positive impact this can have when we tackle these issues together.”

Inspector Chris Chamings, said: “This closure order highlights the determination of Devon and Cornwall Police to take positive action against anti-social behaviour.

“We have shared the local community’s concerns about this address for some time, and have used new legislation to good effect.

“We will continue to target those who ruin the lives of others.

“Anti-social behavi- our significantly impacts people’s quality of life and this can only be tackled by the police and partner agencies working with the residents themselves.

“If anyone is suffering similar problems within their neighbourhood we would urge them not to suffer in silence and to come forward to talk to police on 101 or report concerns anonymously through Cri- mestoppers on 0800 555 111.”

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