Cohousing backed by Bridport Town Council


MEMBERS of Bridport Town Council’s planning committee have given their support for phase two of Bridport Cohousing Community Land Trust’s (CLT) development near Bridport Community Hospital.

The CLT was formed by residents of Bridport in order to design and deliver affordable, sustainable and neighbourly housing for themselves and for others in housing need.

This newest application follows planning consent for the first phase of the development on the site in Allington for 34 homes, and includes the development of 28 affordable homes, made up of apartments, terrace homes and self build plots.

At the meeting of the committee, Charles Couzens, of Bridport CLT, said: “The design is exactly the same as the phase one scheme, a series of terraces all built to a high sustainable standard with solar panels and good thermal insulation standards.

“There is slightly more parking allocated in this second phase because we felt that we were very tight for parking in the first phase, particularly the self build plots… we thought it was wise to allocate two parking spaces to those plots, all the other units will only have one parking space.

“There is space allocated to allotment users because in this scheme we have added a series of allotments right at the top end of the site.

“We felt it was important in both Allington and Bridport to try and provide for that need, not only amongst the residents of this scheme but also residents of the parish and town.

“We have also got a green travel plan in the offing with a car club and electric bikes and that is part of our phase one condition that will be expanded to cover phase two, and that will reduce travel and the demand for car parking quite significantly.”

There will be dedicated parking for the hospital, with 16 spaces being proposed, as well as 24 visitor spaces, and an allocation of four homes for NHS employees.

Sally Collings, a supporter of the scheme said: “Its about sharing resources, we will share equipment like lawn mowers and washing machines and we are going to have a common house where people can meet and means they don’t need such a large house themselves.

“The idea of cohousing is that we will create a neighbourhood ourselves and we will know our neighbours and hopefully that means we will have less call on public services, but help each other and be able to call on each other in times of need.

“The members all sign up to an agreement to deal with conflicts internally as well so we hope it will be a smooth running neighbourhood.

“We have been working on this for a long time and I hope you will support us in the next phase.”

Members of the committee recommended the application for approval and Cllr Sarah Horniman said: “It is very nice to see some housing that is genuinely affordable.”

She also wanted to stress the need for parking spaces at the site and for them to be retained when the application is considered by planning officers at West Dorset District Council.

The planning application can be found at under application number WD/D/17/000534

Bridport & Beaminster Reporter| Lottie is currently studying for an NCTJ Diploma in Journalism through a distance learning course and joined the paper in April 2014 on a freelance basis, becoming a staff reporter in January 2015. She is now the reporter for the View From Bridport and View From Beaminster papers.