Backing for Doc Martin star after viral video row


HUNDREDS of people have come to the defence of Doc Martin star Martin Clunes after a video of him parked in a motorcycle bay went viral.

Biker Sam Francis, 23, spotted the Beaminster based actor in Crewkerne loading his Waitrose shopping into the boot of his car while parking in a space reserved for bikes.

The pub chef starts recording himself confronting the actor and, when angered by his lack of concern, swears at Mr Clunes.

After the clip was posted on social media many have come out in support of Mr Clunes, stating that Sam was trying to get ‘five minutes of fame’.

One said: “I don’t have a feeling one way or the other about him but it is hardly the crime of the century!

“It is not a disabled space, nothing like it – in fact most motorcyclists are more than capable of walking.

“Ask yourself, would you have wasted your time videoing this if he wasn’t famous?

“We all do stupid things occasionally, let’s not be so judgmental.”

Another added: “I really think there are more important things going on in the world than someone parking in a motorcycle bay!

“Not sure if the camera rolling is really a necessity either! If it wasn’t Martin Clunes then this would not have even been brought up!”

One person commented: “All he did was park in a space meant for motorcycles and you’re acting like he ran one over! Anyway enjoy your five minutes of fame.”

The exchange filmed last Wednesday begins with Sam telling Clunes: “This is a motorcycle space”.

But he answers: “Ah yeah, I know, there was nowhere else to park when I got here and to be honest I don’t really care.”

Baffled Sam asks: “You don’t care? It’s the same as a disabled space. You’re not allowed to park here.”

Clunes answers: “Right, it’s not quite the same as disabled is it?”

“But you’re not allowed to park here,” adds Sam.

But the actor laughs and asks: “Okay, what you going to do?”

He continues to giggle and adds: “That’s it photograph” but Sam answers: “Photograph? It’s a video, mate. Martin Clunes parking. I thought you were a nice man as well.

“I’ve heard nothing but good about you. I can’t believe it.”

Clunes laughs and asks: “How nasty is this in the grand scheme of things?”

Sam answers: “It’s not nasty. It’s just a real **** move. No one else does this. I’ve never seen anyone park in this space ever.”

But without even pausing while he loads his boot, Clunes retorts: “Okay. You’re young. You’ll see stuff.”

But not content with that reply Sam continues: “I thought you were meant to be an upstanding member of the community.”

The exchange is interrupted by an older lady who steps in to ask the actor: “Hello. You haven’t got any DVDs out of the last series have you?”

He calmly tells her: “We will have, yeah” before getting into his car and driving off while giving Sam a thumbs-up.

Bridport & Beaminster Reporter| Lottie is currently studying for an NCTJ Diploma in Journalism through a distance learning course and joined the paper in April 2014 on a freelance basis, becoming a staff reporter in January 2015. She is now the reporter for the View From Bridport and View From Beaminster papers.


  1. Martin Clunes deserves a break for parking in the spot. He does so much charity work that it more than balances this little “crime”. The young person in this story is pretty boring, wouldn’t you say?